For more than three decades, Thomasville Center for the Arts has led the way to encourage and cultivate a unique and artistic identity for our community. Central to our work is the Wildlife Arts Festival which continues to be one of the most impactful and anticipated events of the season celebrating and preserving fine art and the distinct sporting culture of the Red Hills.
As we prepare for our 25th anniversary, our hearts are with our community and how we might shape this festival to ensure the well-being of everyone while adding a spark of joy to these unfamiliar times. 
This year, we’ll set aside our parties, and outdoor concerts, Afternoon in the Field, the Fine Art Show and Bird Dog Bash to take a Walk on the Wild Side! For the month of November, you’ll enjoy wild encounters with the native flora and fauna of our beautiful region with larger-than-life wildlife art throughout downtown Thomasville. Be on the hunt for the much loved Scouts Artisan Market pop-up featuring twenty five of our region’s premier artisans. World-renowned painter, Tom Swanston, will open at the Center with a two-month exhibition that honors “the majesty of nature by mixing organic imagery with opulent color in large scale splendor.” There’s more to come, so stay curious and look for details on how we will celebrate the artists who have helped make the show what it is today. 
We hope you can join us at what promises to be a year we won’t forget. Together we can creatively lift up our community at a time when we need it the most. 
Kate Scovil
Festival Chair
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